Type Machine Gun
Price 42300
Weight 516
Energy Drain 8
Weapon Lock Special
Attack Power 105
Number of Ammo 1000
Ammo Type Solid
Ammo Price 12
Range 7000
Maximum Lock 1
Reload Time 1

The WG-AR1000 is a right arm weapon that first appeared in the original Armored Core and later in Armored Core: Project Phantasma and Armored Core: Master of Arena.

Part DescriptionEdit

Most powerful portable type machine gun.


This part can be bought in the shop. It is in the shop from the beginning of all three games it appears in.

Notable UsersEdit


  • In Armored Core: Master of Arena and the original Armored Core game this is the right arm weapon with the most ammo.
  • A picture of this weapon firing is used for the sprite of the "Missions" option in the original Armored Core and Project Phantasma.