Armored Core Wiki
Type Hand Gun
Price 59000
Weight 210
Energy Drain 64
Weapon Lock Wide & Shallow
Attack Power 540
Number of Ammo 100
Ammo Type Solid
Ammo Price 147
Range 7300
Maximum Lock 1
Reload Time 7

The WG-HG770 is an Arm Unit R Weapon that only appeared in Armored Core: Master of Arena. This hand gun is unique amongst its peers for being a sort of combination of the scattershot handguns such as the WG-HG235 and the single-shot hand gun, the WG-HG512. When the weapon is fired, it fires a large orange projectile that deals mediocre damage by itself. However, after flying for a short distance, the projectile will burst into three smaller projectiles that can deal impressive damage and knockback. However, unlike the scattershot hand guns, the weapon's effect at close range is mediocre and requires the user to play the distance game, and the single projectile is vastly inferior to the HG512's shot in both damage and stagger effect. It requires much more skill to use than the other hand guns.

Part Description[]

A scattershot handgun with improved target accuracy.


This weapon is obtained by defeating Stunt Rider in the Sub-Arena.

Notable Users[]

  • None