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Wanton Busker
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AppearancesArmored Core Last Raven

Wanton Busker is an independent Raven in Armored Core: Last Raven.

Information Edit

A Raven who operates independently for the most part, Wanton Busker enjoys scheming against others. He creates situations where he can easily manipulate results in his favor, and rarely accepts jobs that have a high level of risk associated. This, however, does not make Busker a push over. He is encountered along with Vola-Volant in "Eliminate Enemy Invaders" and "Destroy The Control Towers."

AC GambitEdit

AC Gambit

AC Gambit

Hover-leg AC design that performs extremely well in long-range, ground-based combat situations. The pilot is adept in using a diverse range of weaponry. The unit is equipped with a dual-shot sniper rifle, a handgun, vertical relay missile extensions, an orbit cannon and a vertical missile launcher. The unit is also equipped with a machine gun on its right hangar to compensate for its lack of ammo.



Wanton Busker is fought in the water area of Airsul Dam in both missions "Destroy the Control Towers" and "Destroy Enemy Squadron". In both missions, he is fought before or alongside Vola-Volant (Vola-Volant is fought if you defeat Wanton Busker fast), (or if you take long in fighting him. Vola-Volant appears and backs Wanton Busker up making the fight difficult since its a 2-1 AC fight now). In both missions, as soon as you destroy all required targets around Airsul Dam, Wanton Busker appears and fights you. As much as possible keep the fight short and immediately defeat him or if it takes too long Vola-Volant makes an appearance, turning the fight into a 2-1 AC fight. If you defeat Wanton Busker fast, Vola-Volant now challenges you into a fight. If you got hit many times from the 1st fight, there is clearly not so much hope for you. Although, in the mission "Destroy the Control Towers", if you take long in completing the mission, as soon as all required targets are destroyed, the 2 ACs can no longer be fought, making the mission easier.


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