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Warlord - Emblem

Warlord's Emblem

Warlord is a Raven in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. He is ranked 2nd in the Arena.


The pilot of this particular AC unit prefers to meet the opposition head-on. He has little patience for those who take him lightly and is not one to be trifled with.

AC Goliath[]

Goliath is a heavy armor tank-legged AC equipped with energy refill extensions, a plasma cannon, a lineargun, a bazooka, a grenade rifle and an overboost core. The unit enters the battle with overburdened arms, as evidenced through his camera view during a match replay.

AC Goliath

AC Goliath


Warlord will not hesitate to shoot you right from the get-go so don’t fool around with him. He will start by overboosting right off the bat while blazing away with his bazooka & grenade rifle, both of which can stun & inflict potent damage so it’s paramount you make an effort to dodge his attacks. However, he does tend to overheat while overboosting so it’s possible to hammer away at him while he’s recovering from overheating. Even with his use of the JIREN energy batteries, his spamming of overboost will often drain out his energy reserves quickly, so take advantage of it. His aim speed is not high since Goliath has overweight arms. As with any fully-decked tank, you ought to stay out of its front as much as you can, or Warlord will take turns clobbering you with his big guns at his leisure.

Goliath's hardest hitter is the BP bazooka which can do decent damage & stun, so look out for this. His lineargun isn’t particularly dangerous but can be annoying to dodge because of its fire rate & accuracy, plus significant heat buildup. He rarely uses his plasma cannon so you need not worry too much about it. His grenade rifle can stun but he isn’t too accurate with it, however do look out for it.

Since Goliath is yet another Ranker AC that lacks any kind of missile defenses, it’s possible to beat Warlord using only missiles, especially micro missiles. Equip the KINNARA or micro missile weapon arms, combine them with the FUNI extensions and the missile volleys will be enough to overwhelm him & keep him grounded. When you see him overboosting, don’t fire right away but try to predict where he might go & once he disengages his OB, shoot your missile volleys at him.

Alternatively, another missile type that may allow you to end this duel quickly are the TITAN-class large missiles, especially when decked out with the corresponding weapon arms launcher. With 8 large missiles at your disposal, your job will be to persist through Goliath's assault until it comes close enough to release the large missiles and have it suffer heavy damage, combined with the extreme thermal stress that will overheat and overload its generator in short order. The trick is to launch the missiles as soon as Warlord comes close; you need to fire them while Goliath is on the floor, because if you fire the missiles while the opponent is airborne, it is all but guaranteed that they will overcorrect and blow up on the floor when he is coming back down. However, if you are able to fire the large missiles at him before that happens, Warlord will be helpless to escape them. Since Goliath is heavily armored, you will need at least 4 large missiles to leave it in critical condition; then quickly finish it off while it is stuck recharging.



  • Goliath is the name of the Biblical warrior defeated by young sheperd David. The phrase "David vs Goliath" is often used denoting an underdog situation, a contest where a smaller, weaker opponent faces a much bigger, stronger adversary. In this case, the player is deemed to be the underdog, facing a bigger and stronger opponent like Goliath.
  • His emblem depicts a Tiger I tank.