Werehound is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #42 in the Arena.
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He has the skills to go higher, but likes breaking in newcomers with potential, so he stays where he is. His AC is designed to bring pain and sorrow on the weak.


PK is a middleweight reverse-joint AC equipped with dual machine gun weapon arms, a back radar, a small rocket launcher and an overboost core.

Mail Edit

Before Defeat: Edit

  • "You're progressing steadily, but soon your cocky attitude will have to face a reality check. Have fun while you can."

After Defeat: Edit

  • "Don't get too cocky just because you beat me. Only a select few can win and actually keep their ranking. It's not uncommon to see skilled pilots lose their footing. That's all part of life in the Arena. The higher you climb, the more disappointed you'll be when you fall. Remember that."


One of Werehounds greatest weapons (his arm machine guns) turns out to be his most fatal flaw. Since he doesn't have the ability to equip an Left arm unit, He can't attack if he runs out of ammo. Just avoid his weapon fire until he runs out then attack. Be careful though, just because he's out of ammo doesn't mean he won't try to dodge. Also try a stage with a lot of cover like the Old Dome of Murakumo.

He is probably the first real threat to a newcomer. His Machine Guns can quickly rip apart a target and his rockets are very powerful as long as you don't dodge. When he runs out, he can't do much but you still want to end this battle quickly just to be on the safe side.



  • Image courtesy of TMRaven
  • Werehound will send you a threatening mail before you end up facing him in the Arena. When he is defeated, he also sends another mail to the player, implying his bitterness and that it is not uncommon for skilled pilots to lose their footing in the Arena.
  • Gimlet, from Silent Line, fills in similar role in the Arena, in which he also sends a threatening mail to the player right before the player fights him, and also becomes irritated and bitter when he is defeated.
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