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Wildcat Emblem
General information
Classification Raven
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Rank Unranked
Craft Red AC (AC Wildcat)
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core
Armored Core: Nexus

Wildcat is a Raven who appears in Armored Core and later in Armored Core: Nexus.


A former Raven who has been driven mad due to his Human PLUS experimentation, Wildcat is a danger to everyone, including himself. He is highly skilled but now randomly attacks anyone who crosses his path.

He is encountered in the mission Guard Freight Train where he attacks The Raven and a nearby freight train. His AC is damaged but shown to survive the battle. He is met again in AC Battle where he is killed by The Raven.

In the reverse mission of Guard Freight Train in Nexus Revolution, it is clear that Wildcat wishes to die and that may explain his behavior.


"AC Battle" (second)[]

  • "So you are the scum who attacked the train...Now's a good time. Let's settle this right now!"


Wildcat 2

Wildcat in Armored Core

Wildcat uses an AC that shares his name, but is known by most as the Red AC, due to its predominant coloration. Encountered twice in Armored Core, AC Battle and Guard Freight Train, the Red AC is a middleweight biped AC that features several weapons: the starting rifle and missile launcher, the MOONLIGHT laser blade and a chain gun (although in Armored Core, the chaingun's apperance is that of a grenade launcher). The AC has a total of 9200 AP.


Wild cat as seen in the Nexus

AC the Red AC (far right) as seen in the Nexus REVOLUTION disc

Wildcat may be a PLUS test subject but he doesn't show it. He still kneels to use his chain gun at range you only face the rifle and missile launcher. In the first game, you can have the KARASAWA which makes this fight laughably short due the gun's tremendous firepower. Don't get too close to him or he will slash you with his powerful MOONLIGHT.

In the Revolution remake, Wildcat is still very much the same AC and will still fall with some heavy shots. A strong laser or grenade cannon and EO go a long way into stopping him. Be sure to keep a distance from him because again, if you stray too close, he will blade you with his highly damaging MOONLIGHT.


Armored Core[]

Armored Core Nexus[]


  • Wildcat's dialogues when talking to the Raven is a mistranslation in english version because in that mission, the Raven must protect the train.
    • In japanese version Wildcat said You're the one (who protect) that train ... it's good chance, let's settle this! 貴様はあの列車の……好都合だ、決着をつけようか!
  • Wildcat's emblem can be unlocked in the Armored Core Nexus Revolution disc by attaining an A rank in all 3 missions in chapter 7. This emblem is commonly known as Silver Wolf, but it is in fact the emblem that appears on Wildcat's AC in Armored Core 1.
  • There are numerous "mistakes" with Wildcat as a whole. First off, his rifle fires pink rounds instead of the bluish purple rounds. Second off, his missile launcher fires three rounds in succession when it should only fire one and finally his Chaingun uses the mesh and texture of a grenade launcher. In the original Armored Core, his chain gun also has a sort of knockback effect. This "mistake" is common throughout the original Armored Cores that ultimately toned down AC encounters.
  • Despite being mentioned as an ex-Raven, he is who challenges the player at the Raven's Nest AC Battle (2) Mission.
  • Similarly, while Wildcat is noted as being driven mad and attacking everyone he sees, he joins the tournament at Raven's Nest without issue.
  • In Armored Core: Nexus, Wildcat doesn't exhibit the behavior of a normal AC as it doesn't show that he's locked onto you when he fires at you, and also doesn't get stun-locked by heavy weapons or weapons that have a stun effect. This could most likely be due to the Human PLUS experimentation performed on him and as a result, he displays erratic behavior (his AC is shown to behave eerily similar to his Armored Core 1 counterpart).


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