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"Sowers of strife like yourself must be removed, lest war never cease. Such are our teachings. Let there be peace in the world." - Worker 0403

Worker 0403 is a Migrant that appears in Armored Core V.


A Migrant encountered in Armored Core V's Order Missions, and member of the infamous group known as 'Beehive'. The main enemy of Order Mission 36, she pilots the AC Beehive S4.


Encountered in Order Mission 36 at Alloy Gate's Executive Sector area, Worker 0403 is a firm believer in the religious beliefs of the Beehive, and takes part in the groups activities. She is very proud member of the group, and takes the groups ideals to heart, more so than others. Worker 0403's firm belief in the Beehive's ideals means that she views anyone who instigates conflict as an affront to the group as a whole. Her AC, Beehive S4, is a mid-weight tetrapod craft adorning the groups colour scheme and emblem design. It features high AP and defensive capabilities as befits a medium-weight design. Many players will be thrown off during their first encounter, due to the high amount of AP it possesses. This unit comes equipped with dual pairs of laser riles and mines. However, the overall behaviour is much more professional in comparison to others that came before it.

AC Beehive S4[]

In-game information: "A medium-weight, tetrapod AC with average defense and various forms of attack. It delivers a continuous barrage of fire using a laser rifle that focuses on power and rapid-fire ability. Its subweapon, a scatter mine, acts as a simple decoy as well as a diversion against approaching enemy AC's.

Like S9 and S6, Beehive S4 is notorious for its ability to unleash a barrage of firepower and deal large amounts of damage to targets. Armed with dual pairs of laser rifles and mines, S4 can yield an astonishing amount of overall firepower in the blink of an eye, casting an enemy's attention away from it so that it can turn them into molten slag.


Unlike S9 and S6, S4 is a completely different enemy. She will run away from you if you get too close to engage in CQC, but will gladly batter away at you if you attempt to retreat, a first for anyone who hasn't fought her before. However, her overall combat capability leaves much to be desired.

Your fight with S4 will take place in the Executive Sector, near the canal and trio of large bridges that run across both sides of the block. She arrives to the field armed with dual OLYMPIA high-capacity, KO-8K2 scatter mines and damaged ALABANY standard first-gen laser rifles. This fight is significantly easier however, due to the lack of an energy amplifier. However, S4 makes up or that in frequent use of her mines, forcing enemies to engage at range.

The player will start on the (designated) left side of the map, with S4 on the right, towards the building with scaffolds. From there, they can glide-boost straight ahead and engage, or take one of the two side-paths to either side and stage and ambush. Like S9 and S6, S4 can be pushed into a corner rather easily, which is incredibly beneficial.

However, S4 displays spectacular AI for foes at this stage of the game. As mnetioned above, she poses significant intellect for so early in the Order missions. The frustrating thing about S4's increased awareness is that she will constantly run away if the player tries to get close, or relentlessly chase after them if they try to run away.

Another frustration many players have with S4 is her mines--the KO-8K2. Despite being scatter mines, the KO-8K2 pose impressive attack power and stun capability, making getting close to S4 for CQC incredibly difficult. A hit from the mines will leave one open for a barrage of laser rifles rounds. Caution is advised.

S4's defensive capabilities are fairly high, with most CE weaponry being ineffective against her. Her KE resistance will also render a number of weapons near useless, even with tuning. However, S4's defense against thermal weapons is pathetic--even hilariously so. At 444, a vast majority of thermal weapons will be available to deal large amounts of her. Nearly every TE weapon will work, even low-damage pulse-machine guns will shrink her AP values in seconds. Weapons like high-power rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, pulse guns, PMG's, plasma guns, laser rifles, laser blades, and rocket launchers will work well against her in battle.

Equip a mobile heavyweight bipedal AC with a powerful boosters, a balanced EN supply and a good ranged FCS, coupled with a balanced mix of TE and KE weapons. If not, using a highly-mobile mid-weight bipedal with dual rifles, rockets and a powerful laser blade with low interval rate (such as the MOONLIGHT) will work as well.

Simply try and box her in and whittle away at her with your weapons, and she will fall quickly. If you're looking to get an S-rank, try and use an UW like the legion pulse due to its AOE like attack, or use the grind blade and mass blade potent OHK attacks.