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"The Earth, though ravaged, its children still yet fight. I shall release you from this mortal coil. Peace in the world." - Worker 0429

Worker 0429 is a Migrant encountered in Armored Core V.


A Migrant pilot encountered in Armored Core V's Order Missions, Worker 0429 . The main enemy of Order Mission 13. She pilots the AC Beehive S9.


Encountered in Order Mission 13 at the Huge Canyon, Worker 0429 is a snide individual who swears to do what she says she will. One of the many religious members of the group Beehive, she holds their beliefs to heart, like many of her co-workers. Her AC, Beehive S9, is a craft of the four-legged tetrapod class, sporting the custom of the Beehives -- a bright yellow coloration and bee motif. It features high AP and above average defense for such a low-cost, lightweight machine. This AC has been known to be a bane of some players, due to her AC's uncanny use of purely laser rifle-based weaponry, with the added effectiveness of an energy amplifier to increase the damage.

AC Beehive S9[]

In-game information: A medium-weight AC with a relatively lightweight tetrapod equipped with highly durable parts. Uses two laser rifles as its main weapons. Its energy amplifier enables high-power TE fire. The laser rifle's variable firing range enables efficiency at both long- and close-range combat.

Beehive S9 is an AC with a feared reputation: not only is it a member of Beehive, an infamous mercenary group, but it has enough firepower to stand on its own and annihilate most foes with ease. The AC has high AP and durability for being a lightweight tetrapod design. It comes equipped with two pairs of laser rifles and an energy amplifier, increasing its deadliness on the battlefield.


Despite its fearsome weapons and armor, S9 is the weakest of all Beehive AC's, and it's not much a challenge aside of her devastating weapon loadout. Work around her volleys of TE fire and you can beat her down to dust.

Your battle will begin in the second half of the Huge Canyon area, near the hydro-dam; with you on the right side of the bridge, towards the canyon valley, while S9 is near the Hydro-Dam warehouses and main communication structures on the left. S9 comes into the fight with two pairs of laser rifles, with upgraded damage potential due to her energy amplifier. This means that should you get hit by a barrage of fie, it will hurt. A lot.

From where you begin, you can either glide-boost across the bridge to get closer to her, or you can fly across the ravine and boost-drive up the canyon wall to stage an ambush from the warehouses near her starting position. Once you have gotten within range to attack, you can easily force her into a corner, but be careful -- any AC you have will be wrecked her laser rifles, even TE-focused heavies, due to her energy amplifier increasing the damage of her weapons.

In turn, you will have weapons that can deal significant damage to her. Her KE and TE defense (despite having some TE parts equipped) is extremely low, making weapons you may deem useless and ineffective to become potent counter-offensive measures.

Weapons such as gatling guns, shotguns, rifles, laser blades, physical blades and HEAT Pile Drivers along with powerful shoulder weapons such as the Rocket Launcher, HEAT Rocket and an energy amplifier of your own will boost your attack power significantly and deal deadly damage to her craft.

If you happen to not have complete access to a very powerful set of weapons; then a rifle, laser blade, heat rockets, shotgun and laser rifle will do the job nicely enough. If you have access to them, then it is recommended to equip a dual shoulder unit--as it will increase the amount of damage you deal two-fold, making the fight a lot easier. Be cautious however, dual shoulder-mounted arm parts make up for double damage output by decreasing arm stability, which means you will have to get closer to compensate, which will most likely make dodging more difficult as you close distance with her.

Force S9 into a corner and batter her with everyone you've got, but make sure you are in a position to quickly retreat to cover if you need to. The enemy AI at this point in the game isn't smart enough (yet) to potentially come after you in hot pursuit, but keep in mind she will come after you, nonetheless, to tun you into molten scrap.

In any case, simply dodge her attacks and dish out in kind. Her overall integrity against KE and TE is pathetic, and you will have no trouble defeating her in a damage race, if you use cover and dodge her shots.

Advanced players may wish to dish out lots of damage with high-power laser blades, piles, physical blades and other high-power weaponry.

If you truly wish to be cheap, then use an ultimate weapon such as the legion pulse, as it will have a guaranteed hit on the target if you get close enough (due to its attack pattern). Her AC can' jump very high anyway, and due to recent patches, the Legion can hit targets at a greater distance than it used to.

All in all, S9 is not a truly difficult opponent to face in battle. All it takes is dog-fighting skills and expert trigger-fingers to destroy her.

Just make sure to keep ahead of her and use cover when necessary.


  • Worker 0429 and her AC S9 are the first of the Beehive group to be encountered in the Order Missions.
  • This Beehive is, in some respect, quite difficult to take down for new players, as many will not have plentiful access to better parts at this point in the game.