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Worker Robot Removal

A couple of haywire Techbots located within the power plant.

Worker Robot Removal is a mission in Armored Core. A remake of this mission is found in Nexus Revolution disc.


Requester: Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 7,000c

Upon success: 10,000c

Theater of operations: Isaac City Power Plant No. 7

Enemy forces: 12 Worker Robots

Conditions for success: Destroy all worker robots


A problem occurred in the No. 7 power plant of Isaac City. Due to security system trouble, the worker robots are out of control.

Most of the robots have already been captured or destroyed, but some of them have entered the grounds of the power plant.

Luckily, no major accident has occurred so far, but we cannot leave the situation as is. Because of the location, ordinary measures are useless.

This is where we need your help. We want you to destroy all of the robots within the power plant, but do not damage the generators or you risk causing a major explosion.

If you destroy a generator, we will deduct compensation for the damages from you pay. The worker robots have no attack capability at all, but you must move cautiously.



Radio: Do you read me, Raven? Hitting a generator could cause an explosion, so please be careful.



Armored Core Worker Robot Removal


Since the Techbots don't have any attack capability, the only danger in this mission comes from a triggerhappy player hitting the generators and causing harmful explosions. The best way to do this is to exploit the Techbots' habit of moving away from the player's AC. Steer them away into an area with little chance of collateral damage and destroy them. A laser blade or energy weapon is recommended to minimize ammo cost.


The level is vastly changed from the original. This time around, hitting the generators and exploding them will result in mission failure, so don't fool around. The Techbots in this one are also much more mobile and cumbersome to target than the original, so don't shoot blindly. Using a blade is not advised since it is counterproductive to try to cut down the robots cleanly - precision weapons are the way to go. Only fire at the Techbots when a hit is guaranteed and there're no obstacles in the way (there's a chance the pipes running along the ground will be hit by your gunfire and cause a chain reaction, so tread carefully). To be extra sure, you may get as close as possible before firing - preferably blocking the Techbot by trapping it between your AC and a wall, ensuring a clean hit. Just like before, the Techbots have no attack capability, the only problem lies in their erratic movements. Fortunately, the worker robots slow down periodically, and after several spastic dashes, they "tire out" and stand in place for a moment, giving a perfect window to destroy them. This time, there are fifteen Techbots, five per each of three generator rooms.


  • DO NOT HIT ANY OF THE GENERATORS! This will cause a massive explosion and can destroy an AC. While it is possible to survive this blast, the AC will most likely suffer from critical damage, as well as lose all of your reward.
  • Since the worker robots have no attack capability, if you use an energy weapon or laser blade, you can obtain the reward with no costs.
  • On the other end of the scale, destroying all of the generators can guarantee you -50000 credits, granting you Human PLUS.