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The X-SOBRERO is a Production Model Armored Core NEXT that appears in Armored Core: For Answer.


The X-SOBRERO is a super-lightweight, highly experimental craft built entirely around air combat mobility and manufactured by Aspina. It is very difficult to pilot and suffers from serious stability problems, as well as extremely thin armor.


As stated earlier, the X-SOBRERO is entirely built around air combat mobility and being as light as possible, no matter the cost. The X-SOBRERO features outstanding flight abilities and aerial agility, making it extremely hard to hit with larger, slower weapons.

Because the craft is designed solely for high amounts of agility, the X-SOBRERO is extremely unstable, and as a result, taking a hit from anything larger than a rifle-caliber weapon (such as a bazooka, most types of cannons, etc.) will knock the entire craft off balance, meaning it will stop responding to pilot input for a precious split second before it can regain its balance and resume fighting.

Another disadvantage is the X-SOBRERO's ultra-lightweight arm parts. Although extremely simple, they can only rotate at a limited amount of degrees, and they also have no elbow joints, meaning much of the aiming has to be done by the pilot (arm mounted missiles or blades may be a good choice). This NEXT's frame also allows it to become a "Perm-Flight" Core build much easier than most heavier builds. Although the low weight capacity hinders its ability to wield heavy weapons and a higher output generator at the same time, it is little cost to the ability to fly what seems like unlimited periods of time. This build is also suited for dual-bladers, as ranged weapons will have a somewhat difficult time locking-on due to its speed.

Finally, the model has extremely low PA rectification when used with the default generator, which when combined with the extremely low defense to all types of damage, means that it can be destroyed in mere seconds if the pilot is not skilled enough. Thankfully, the sheer speed counters this lack of defense, and this NEXT can easily escape from battle if the need arises.


X-SOBRERO as seen in Armored Core: For Answer loading screen