The Y01-TELLUS is a Leonemeccanica NEXT model that appears in Armored Core 4 and again in Armored Core: For Answer.


Taking advantage of Melies's powerful energy weaponry, Leonemeccanica built the TELLUS with these weapons in mind. As a result, the TELLUS possesses the lowest energy drain parts amongst all NEXT parts in AC4; a remarkable feat considering TELLUS arms having the highest energy weapon skill despite its low drain. To further improve compatibility with energy weapons, the NEXT model uses Melies high-efficiency boosters. To top it all off, Leonemeccanica wanted nothing short of an ultra-powerful generator to power this machine. To that end, they used Rayleonard's S08-MAXWELL Hi-Output generator, completing the design.

All of these features however, created quite the drawback as the design team found that the TELLUS was now piling up on weight. To offset this, the TELLUS legs are made with only load capacity in mind and lacked adequate stabilizing measures. Furthermore, the arms' specification were made only with recoilless energy weapons in mind and hence lacked firing stability and maneuverability. In addition, in an attempt to address its low Shell Defense, armor plating was added to the TELLUS core, easily making it the heaviest out of all midweight cores. Despite these drawbacks, many Leonemeccanica Lynxes managed to use the TELLUS to its highest potential, including Sir Maurescu and Kasumi Sumika. While this model is gradually phased out after the introduction of Y11-LATONA, TELLUS units are still offered for aspiring Lynxes who may be siding with Leonemeccanica (and its later incarnation, Interior Union).


The weapons included are part of the original schematic during the LYNX War. Later releases of this schematic leave the weapon units empty to allow for user customisation.

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