Manufacturer ------- Mirage
Price -------------- 85000c
Type --------------- Laser Rifle
Weight ------------- 461
Energy Drain ------- 188
Ammo Type ---------- Energy
Weapon Lock ------- Standard
Attack Power ------ 389
Ammo -------------- 68
Attack Heat ------- 2872
Range ------------- 520
Maximum Lock ------ 1
Firing Interval --- 55
Ammo Price -------- ---
Usage Drain ------- 1107
Notes: Test model designed for use in mobile combat engagements.
Found -------------- In Nexus, the right arm part is obtained by completing the Revolution mission Capture Mining Platform. The left arm part is obtained by defeating Stinger within 45 seconds in the mission Escort Phantasma Transport.

In Last Raven the right arm part is found hidden in Protect Warlord's Forces. For the left arm, obtain it by defeating Green Horn in Acquire the Commodity.
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