The ZAN-202/TEM is an arm part that first appeared in Armored Core 2 and later in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

Part DescriptionEdit

Low weight. High AP and energy defense.

Part StatisticsEdit

  • Part Type: Arms
  • Price: 21200
  • Manufacturer: Zio Matrix
  • Weight: 854
  • Energy Drain: 684
  • Armor Points: 1777
  • Def Shell: 210
  • Def Energy: 293
  • Defensive Points: 503
  • Extension TP: Provided
  • Energy Supply: 100
  • Recoil Control: 276/300
  • Moving Ability: 300
  • Accuracy: 6
  • Cooling: 594


This part can be bought in the shop. In Armored Core 2 it is added to to the shop after an Email from Nell. In Armored Core 2: Another Age it is in the shop from the beginning of the game.

Notable UsersEdit


  • This part got a stat increase in Armored Core 2: Another Age. Its Recoil Control was increased from 276 to 300.
  • This part has the lowest Energy Drain among arm parts in both games it appears in.
  • In Silent Line: Armored Core Portable, this part can be unlocked as the MAL-TEM. If transferred over to Last Raven Portable, this part is then known as the YA13-GUENON.
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