Armored Core Wiki
Part Type Head
Price 57700
Manufacturer Zio Matrix
Weight 481
Energy Drain 278
Armor Points 977
Def Shell 256
Def Energy 288
Defensive Points 544
Computer Type Standard
Computer Voice Female
System Recovery 480
Auto Balancer 580
Hacking Function 3
Map Type Area & Place Name
Noise Canceler Provided
Bio Sensor Provided
Sensor Interval 0
Radar Function Provided
Radar Range 520
Radar Type Standard
Scanning Interval 45
Cooling 20
Computer Ability 628
EDPS 720

The ZHD-102/ROCK is a head part that only appeared in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

Part Description[]

Superb quality and defense, but heavy.

Notable Users[]


This part is the reward for completing the Zearm Desert region.


  • This part is the heaviest head part, the one with the lowest energy drain, highest energy defense and highest defense points in Armored Core 2: Another Age.
  • It is tied for the lowest cooling among head parts with the EHD-GN-92.
  • Has the best defense-to-weight ratio in the game.