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Zanni is Lynx that appears in Armored Core 4. He is ranked as the #12 Original.

In-Game BiographyEdit

This reverse-joint leg pilot from Rayleonard utilizes a variety of powerful boosters in a unique 3-dimensional combat style. Widely known for using experimental new parts.

Information Edit

Zanni is a talented pilot who operates alongside Berlioz and the two other Lynx, Unseel and P. Dam, in an elite squad devoted to carrying out Rayleonard's wishes. His NEXT utilizes experimental parts such as the EUPHORIA PA rectifier from Akvavit and the ALICIA reverse joint legs from Rayleonard. These have tended to give him the advantage needed to square off against other top class pilots. He fights in the Battle at the Abandoned City with his squad against the enemy Nexts, Leonhardt and Mido Auriel. Together with his unit, they defeat the two Lynx before being attacked by Anatolia's Mercenary who was sent as a reinforcement. After a prolonged encounter, and against all odds, the Mercenary defeats the four high ranking Originals, Zanni included. This action would bring about the downfall of Rayleonard at the hand of the Mercenary and Aspina's Joshua O'Brien.

NEXT RoughcutEdit

NEXT Roughcut

NEXT Roughcut

Designed by Rayleonard's engineers, the purple and beige Roughcut utilizes parts that, at the time, were considered highly experimental, including the 04-Alicia reverse-joint legs from Rayleonard, and Euphoria PA rectifiers, from Akvavit. Roughcut is also equipped with an 04-Marve assault rifle (Rayleonard), an Antares laser rifle (Melies), and a Lamia AS missile launcer (Leonemeccanica). Designed for mid-range air combat, Roughcut is utilized very effectively by Zanni, who utilizes his NEXT to fight alongside a fellow Rayleonard LINX, #01 Berlioz, and two other LINX in a highly elite squad.

Strategy Edit

While not particularly dangerous in skill, Zanni's Next is built with high PA(meaning physical weapons are hard to damage him with) high speed(meaning low accuracy/ammo energy weapons generally can't defeat him) and hard hitting weapons for most ranges. Also his next equips both physical and energy weapons, making it difficult to counter his attacks. An effective although difficult method is to take the blunt of his attacks in a tank type next, then quick boost in close when he's out of energy( Aaliyah boosters+Aaliyah boosters+laser rifle= no energy) and pound him with heavy, high stun weapons.


  • "I see. So this is the extent of it."
  • "You aren't getting a bead on me!"
  • "He's... As good as..."
  • "You are strong..."

Parts Edit

  • R Front Stabilizer
    • Head/Top: None
    • Head/R Side: None
    • Core/ R Upper: None
    • Legs/ R Upper: None
  • L Front Stabilizer
    • Head/Top: None
    • Head/L Side: None
    • Core/ L Upper: None
    • Legs/ L Upper: 04-ALICIA/LUS1
  • L Rear Stabilizer
    • Core/L Lower: None
    • Arms/Left: None
    • Legs/Back: None
    • Legs/L Middle: None
    • Legs/L Lower: None
  • R Rear Stabilizer
    • Core/R Lower: None
    • Arms/Right: None
    • Legs/Back: None
    • Legs/R Middle: None
    • Legs/R Lower: None


  • His name is similar to the Theatrical concept of Zanni, but it is unknown what relation this has to this Lynx.
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