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Zinaida Emblem
General information
Japanese name ジナイーダ
Classification Human
Gender Female
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Independent
Occupation Raven
Rank EX Arena: 43th
Craft AC Fascinator
Eras present 24-Hour War
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Last Raven
Armored Core: Last Raven Portable,
Armored Core Visual Art Works

Zinaida is a Raven in Armored Core: Last Raven. Nothing much is known about Zinaida other than the fact that she is an Independent and the strongest one around due to her constant fighting. In certain paths, she fills in the role of the player's rival.

Zinaida is a fairly new Raven, inducted only shortly before the events of Last Raven. Despite this, she is considered the most skilled among the independents; in one ending, she manages to defeat Evangel, another particularly skilled Raven. She is at times arrogant and conceited as seen through the Raven's various interactions with her; she is also quite proud, and vows revenge on the Raven in a message sent after Eliminate Intruders . Unlike many of the Ravens, she shows little concern for the ongoing conflict between Vertex and Alliance, and seeks only to prove herself as the strongest; this aspect is detailed to the extreme in the Jack-O ending, where she tries to kill the protagonist.


"Battle Challenge"[]

Condition English Japanese Audio
Mission briefing "I've been hearing a lot of good things about you. It's time you and I squared off. Death comes to us all Raven: don't let something so trivial dissuade you from accepting my challenge. Don't you think it's preferable to face one of your own rather than run errands like some corporate lackey? I await your decision." - -
First cutscene, first line "This won't take long." "手間は取らせん・・・" -
First cutscene, fourth line "Why now...? It looks like our battle will have to wait another day." "こんな時にか・・・状況が変わったようだ。勝負はあずけるとしよう" ("At a time like this, huh... Looks like the situation's changed. Let's give up on our battle for now.") -
Second cutscene, second line "Let's split up. You should be able to handle things from here on." "二手に分かれたほうが得策か。すまないが後を頼む。てこずる相手でもないだろう" ("So splitting up is our best plan, huh? I'm sorry, but I leave the rest to you. It's not something you can't handle, right?") -

"Eliminate Zinaida"[]

Condition English Japanese Audio
NPC line at the start of the mission "We meet again, Raven." "また会えたな。3度目はないと思え" ("So we meet again... Don't think there will be a third time.") -
First cutscene, triggered once Fascinator's AP falls to the damage threshold "What is that thing...? Interrupted again... Oh well, orders are orders..." "あれはなんだ・・・ACじゃないのか? おまえとはこうなる運命らしい。だが、 依頼主の命令では仕方ない。撤退する" ("What is that...? So it's not an AC? Looks like you and I are destined to end up like this. But client's orders gave me no choice. I'm retreating.") -

"Destroy The Internecine"[]

Condition English Japanese Audio
Second cutscene, second line "You... I had a feeling we'd meet again. I've always wondered what it is that sets certain Ravens apart from others. Maybe I'll find out... Once I've gotten rid of you."

Free Mission variation:
"You... I forgot that you're different from the rest. I've always wondered what it is that sets certain Ravens apart from others. Maybe I'll find out... Once I've gotten rid of you."

"おまえか・・・やはりな・・・そんな気がしていた。私たちの存在・・・それがなにを意味するのかこれでわかる気がする。おまえを倒し、最後の1人となった… その時に!!" ("So it's you... Just as I thought... I had a feeling that was it. Our existence... Now I think I know what it means. The very moment I defeat you... And become the last one standing!!")

Free Mission variation:
"おまえが・・・なるほど・・・確かに他とは違うな。私たちの存在・・・それがなにを意味するのかこれでわかる気がする。おまえを倒し、最後の1人となった… その時に!!" ("So it's you... I see... You were certainly different from the others. Our existence... Now I think I know what it means. The very moment I defeat you... And become the last one standing!!")

The player's AP drops to 50% "It's not over yet!" "まだだ! まだやれる!" ("Not yet! I'm not done yet!") -
The player's AP drops to 10% "You're mine!" "終わらせる!" ("I'll end this!") -
Fascinator's AP drops to the first damage threshold "I can't believe how good you are..." "これが・・・この力こそが・・・" ("So this is... This strength is certainly...") -
Fascinator's AP drops to the second damage threshold "It must be fate..." "運命か・・・" ("So this is fate...") -
Zinaida is defeated "I worked tirelessly to become what I am... I thought being the best would justify my existence... Things are never that simple though... Raven, it's you who deserves the title..." "私はただひたすらに強くあろうとした・・・そこに私が生きる理由があると信じていた・・・やっと追い続けたものに手が届いた気がする・・・レイヴン・・・その称号はおまえにこそふさわしい・・・" ("I single-mindedly tried to become strong... I believed that is where my reason for living lies... I felt I finally reached what I've been chasing... Raven... That title truly suits you...") -


"What a Pity"[]

From: Zinaida
To: [player name]
Subject: What a Pity
Received: 03:01

I see you've decided to take sides with Alliance. I honestly thought you were smarter than that. This is such a big disappointment.

Evangel, Alliance's most recognizable Raven, wasn't even good enough to face me. What a fool he was to think that he might be "The One".

AC Fascinator[]


AC Fascinator

Zinaida's AC is a purple and black middleweight AC, equipped with the PIXIE3 machine gun, a laser blade, micro missiles, and rockets. It also has a shoulder mounted relay missile system, which is the FUNI which also uses micro missiles. Her AC is incredibly agile and versatile, able to wrestle a multitude of battle positions. She generally prefers to stay airborne, making targeting her a frustrating challenge, and is capable of hitting targets with stunning accuracy with her PIXIE3.

In "Destroy The Internecine", Zinaida's skills reach zenith as shown by her new AC setup which includes the game's featured PYTHON railgun, a YWH13M-NIX machine gun, a dual missile launcher and a LAMIA2 pulse cannon. She also has a CR-WH01HP pistol on her left hangar, meaning even if she runs out of ammo for her NIX machine gun, she can continue to punish you.

Human PLUS-like enhancements and unnatural tuning give her unlimited energy, thus allowing her to remain mobile indefinitely while firing energy weapons as well as the ability to fire her LAMIA2 while moving. Despite this loadout, her AC is extremely fast, surpassing any known Armored Core of the time. Usually when she's out of ammo for her PYTHON or NIX, she will switch to her LAMIA2 pulse cannon and the punishment goes on. Her LAMIA2 also fires much faster than normal fire rate (even if you have the HISTON optional part equipped on your AC with the LAMIA2, it doesn't fire that quickly.)



Zinaida is featured in the intro movie upon starting a new game. She is encountered in "Battle Challenge" and "Eliminate Zinaida" and only seen in "Eliminate Intruders." If the player takes the Zinaida ending, they can only destroy her in "Destroy The Internecine". In the Pulverizer ending, Zinaida meets her end at the hands of the first Airborne Pulverizer.


The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.



Armored Core: Last Raven Portable[]

Armored Core Variable Infinity[]


  • Zinaida is a female name of Russian and Greek origin meaning "belonging to Zeus."
  • Her name shares its origin and meaning with Zinovie, the likely intended name for Genobee. This connection is further cemented by her noted interest in Mollycoddle.
    • Last Raven's director, Dai Takemura, has stated that at least in his setting notes, Genobee and Zinaida are siblings.
  • She is fought in only one ending. In all others, the player only receives the occasional mail, cutscene, or reference to her.
  • Fascinator stands at exactly 36 feet (10.97 meters) tall based on its model kit's height (6" or 152.4 mm) and scale (1/72).
  • Fascinator is seen in the intro fitted with GULL Booster units, whereas it is fitted with VULTURE units in-game.


The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

  • Given her connection to Genobee, it's possible that Zinaida is actually Agraya, a similar character from Armored Core: Nexus.
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