Zinaida Emblem
AC Name Fascinator
Gender Female
Rank None
Affiliation Independent
Appearance(s) Armored Core Last Raven
AC Characteristics (Regular Form, No Tunes/Optionals)
Armor Points 8358
Defense Shell 1583-1843
Defense Energy 1383-1633
Weight 6008
Boost Speed 383-403 km/h
Total Firepower 19703
Core Hangar
Inside ECM Maker
Extension Micro Missiles
Back Unit R Micro Missiles
Back Unit L Rockets
Arm Unit R Machine Gun
Arm Unit L Laser Blade

Zinaida is an AC pilot who appears in Armored Core: Last Raven. Nothing much is known about Zinaida other than the fact that she is an Independent Raven and the strongest one around due to her constant fighting. In certain paths, she fills in the role of the player's rival.


Zinaida is a fairly new Raven, inducted only shortly before the events of Last Raven. Despite this, she is considered the most skilled among the independents; in one ending, she manages to defeat Evangel , another particularly skilled Raven. She is at times arrogant and conceited as seen through the Raven's various interactions with her; she is also quite proud, and vows revenge on the Raven in a message sent after Eliminate Intruders . Unlike many of the Ravens, she shows little concern for the ongoing conflict between Vertex and Alliance, and seeks only to prove herself as the strongest; this aspect is detailed to the extreme in the Jack-O ending, where she tries to kill the protagonist.

She is encountered in Battle Challenge and Eliminate Zinaida and only seen in Eliminate Intruders. If the player takes the Zinaida ending, they can only destroy her in Destroy the Internecine. In the Pulverizer ending, Zinaida meets her end at the hands of the first Airborne Pulverizer.


Armored Core: Last RavenEdit


What a PityEdit

From: Zinaida
To: [player name]
Subject: What a Pity
Received: 03:01

I see you've decided to take sides with Alliance. I honestly thought you were smarter than that. This is such a big disappointment.

Evangel, Alliance's most recognizable Raven, wasn't even good enough to face me. What a fool he was to think that he might be "The One".

AC FascinatorEdit


AC Fascinator

Zinaida's AC is a purple and black middleweight AC, equipped with the PIXIE3 machine gun, a laser blade, micro missiles, and rockets. It also has a shoulder mounted relay missile system, which is the FUNI which also uses micro missiles. Her AC is incredibly agile and versatile, able to wrestle a multitude of battle positions. She generally prefers to stay airborne, making targeting her a frustrating challenge, and is capable of hitting targets with stunning accuracy with her PIXIE3.

In "Destroy the Internecine", Zinaida's skills reach zenith as shown by her new AC setup which includes the game's featured PYTHON railgun, a YWH13M-NIX machine gun, a dual missile launcher and a LAMIA2 pulse cannon. She also has a CR-WH01HP pistol on her left hangar, meaning even if she runs out of ammo for her NIX machine gun, she can continue to punish you.

Human PLUS-like enhancements and unnatural tuning give her unlimited energy, thus allowing her to remain mobile indefinitely while firing energy weapons as well as the ability to fire her LAMIA2 while moving. Despite this loadout, her AC is extremely fast, surpassing any known Armored Core of the time. Usually when she's out of ammo for her PYTHON or NIX, she will switch to her LAMIA2 pulse cannon and the punishment goes on. Her LAMIA2 also fires much faster than normal fire rate (even if you have the HISTON optional part equipped on your AC with the LAMIA2, it doesn't fire that quickly.)



Regular ZinaidaEdit

Zinaida Emblem by Ryuuhiken

Zinaida's emblem

Zinaida prefers a mid to close range when fighting you, taking to the air and launching a missile barrage before hitting you with the machine gun. Her aerial combat style makes it difficult to keep a beat on her. When fighting her, go for weapons with high attack power or ammo count as you will miss quite a bit. Try to avoid using missiles as her core has the best VS MG Response at 65 combined with high agility, meaning that a majority of your missiles will either be intercepted or dodged. To counter her habit of flying, choose small arenas such as the spaceport, where her mobility will be severely limited. The CETUS weapon arms work great.

Ultimate ZinaidaEdit

In the original Armored Core Last Raven, it was extremely easy for the player to simply equip dual weapon arms (solid rounds were highly recommended) and attack her while keeping distance and avoiding attacks from the PYTHON railgun. She would always have the tendency to keep to the ground. However, in the PSP remake, she has gone completely aerial, making her almost completely impossible to beat. However, there is one way. Build an AC with a heavy frame, such as:

After making this unit, bypass the Suicide Weapons and destroy the power sources. After doing so, drop both back weapons IMMEDIATELY. After the cutscene with Zinaida, boost upwards. Like almost all prominent AC's, they all like to fly around to great heights. Zinaida has also been tuned to have almost infinite energy. If you keep boosting upwards, she will be bound to follow. If you keep doing so, she will stop once she hits the ceiling of the Internecine. Given that opportunity, the player should simply slash at her with the CR-WL88LB3 laser blade to the death while refueling their energy through the use of the Jiren or Sasui as the player drives Zinaida into a corner so that she doesn't move anywhere else. The combination of the parrying blade and the laser blade can help the player a great deal.

The use of this method can be commonly seen here


Armored Core: Last Raven PortableEdit


  • Zinaida's AC Fascinator is featured in the intro movie upon starting a new game.
  • While some fans contend that her original name is Schneider, Zinaida is the intended name, as shown by the katakana rendering of her name.
  • Zinaida is a female name of Russian and Greek origin meaning "belonging to Zeus," possibly referencing her god-like supremacy in combat, especially in her ultimate form.
    • Her name shares its origin and meaning with Zinovie, the likely intended name for Genobee. Considering her apparent grudge against Mollycoddle, who stole Genobee's AC design, it's rumored that Zinaida is actually Agraya from Armored Core: Nexus, who went missing after being defeated by the Raven. This is further supported by her skill level during combat.
  • Despite her prominence, the player only fights Zinaida in one ending. In all others, the player only receives the occasional mail, cutscene, or reference to her.
  • Along with Nine-Ball Seraph, Fascinator is probably one of the most powerful ACs of its time.
  • Fascinator stands at exactly 36 feet (10.97 meters) tall, based on its model kit's height (6" or 152.4 mm) and scale (1/72).
  • AC Fascinator is seen in the intro fitted with GULL Booster units, whereas it is fitted with VULTURE units in-game.
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