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Zio City Suppression is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Earth Government

Advance: 0

Upon success: 78000

Theater of operations: Zio City

Enemy forces: Special Forces

Objective: Destroy all enemy forces

File No: R-CA-0984

Code Name: Deep Sleep

Client: Earth Government

Opponent: Special Forces

Place: Zio City

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 22:30

Estimated Success Rate: 45%


At this time, LCC is unable to function due to a lack of leadership
and manpower. This request is being made directly by us, the Earth

The Special Forces have revolted and now occupy a number of major
Martian facilities. Even Zio City and its headquarters, recently
captured by us, have been taken over.

To counter this we've devised a plan to regain control, but we're
gonna require the assistance of a Raven. We hereby request that you
eliminate the Special Forces running rampant in the city.

We ask that you please enter the city and destroy the occupying
forces. Meanwhile, we'll move one of our teams from the HQ's roof, down
into the building.

The location of the revolt's leader, Leos Klein, is still unknown. If
you see him, take him out! This is a top priority. We'll await your



Special Forces A: "A Raven...commencing attack."

Special Forces B: "Roger. Let’s take him down quickly."

Communications: "Take care of any enemies on the ground. We’ll enter the main building via the roof."

Communications: "Raven...we’re almost done here C’mon, hold on."

Communications: "Good...we’ve gained access to the building and we’ll take out the Special Forces."


What makes this mission difficult is the getting the ORBIT back weapon. There are a number of tanks throughout the area and they're an annoyance in comparison to Stray Dog and Smash Dog. These are powerful and nimble ACs and can really put a damper in your day should they gang up on you (which they will). It's best to boost as much as possible and use the buildings as cover until you find the ORBIT part on the left hand side (from the starting location) (needs conformation). Then it's best to move to an open location and begin working on defeating the two attack dogs. They are agile but they don't have full AP and they are naturally weak in terms of AP. As soon as one is defeated the other isn't nearly as much of a pain because you only have to dodge one's attacks.


  • There is a secret back weapon (ZWX-F04/ORBIT) in this mission. It is lying on the ground next to some buildings. It is in the northeastern section of the buildings.




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