Zio Matrix is a corporation that featured in Armored Core 2 and Armored Core 2: Another Age. It is one of the second-generation corporations that succeeded the original corporate groups from the Subterranean Era.

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Zio Matrix is already well established on Earth by the time of Armored Core 2, ranking second in size only to Emeraude. They are the ones who unearth the Murakumo plans found from the civilization that existed prior to the Great Destruction to terraform Mars in such a way that it would be suitable for human habitation.

Armored Core 2Edit

After following through on these plans, Zio is able to establish itself as the dominant corporation on the surface of Mars. However, their own work causes them to come under assault from corporate rival Emeraude on the surface of Mars, resulting in a war between the two, which draws the attention of the Earth Government.

During the terraformation on Mars, Zio Matrix discovers a dormant technology known as Disorders, which wreak havoc on several facilities before Zio is able to restrain them. Afterward, they take possession of deactivated Disorders and begin studying them in an attempt to reverse engineer or otherwise manipulate them in the company's favor. Zio believed that if they could "crack" the secrets behind the Disorders, they could be used to take out Emeraude and claim superiority on Mars.

During this time, it becomes clear that there is a schism between the Earth and Mars Divisions of Zio Matrix, as numerous orders to stand down from the war are ignored. Zio Earth also eventually figures out that the Mars Division is conducting research on the Disorders, and orders them to cease this research, orders which are also ignored by the company.

Eventually, Zio Mars attempts a coup d'etat against the LCC, which was installed as the ruling body on Mars by the Earth Government. Although the LCC is taken out due to the betrayal of the Frighteners, Zio is unable to use this to their advantage, as Leos Klein, who had figured out how to manipulate the Disorders, activates every one on Mars (including those under Zio's possession), which decimate all three corporations on the planet.

Armored Core 2: Another AgeEdit

In the wake of Zio Matrix Mars' illegal actions against the LCC, the Earth Division of the corporation blames the Mars executives and is able to avoid being restricted to the same degree as Emeraude (which attempted its own coup, but under the orders of its Earth Division), although they nonetheless lose power to the Earth Government. In the wake of the Mars crisis, Zio tries to stay more in line, although they are secretly rebuilding their military wing.


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  • There are a total of 88 parts manufactured by Zio Matrix.
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