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Zio Matrix AC1

Zio Matrix AC1 is the unofficial fan name for a corporation AC that appears in Armored Core 2.


The Zio Matrix AC1 is a middleweight bipedal AC equipped with relation missile extensions, a vertical missile launcher double back weapon, a shotgun, a laser blade that fires blade waves and an overboost core. Although equipped with an overboost core it is never seen using it in battle. The unit is most likely overweight, meaning it is able to ignore weight restrictions.



Appears only in the mission Investigate Murakumo Dome as an enemy and is fought alongside Zio Matrix AC2.


This AC isn't too much of a hassle to destroy, but be mindful of its missiles as they can do potent damage if they hit. It often employs its missiles at longer ranges and its shotgun at closer ranges. Powerful weapons can bring this unit down quite easily as it's not at full AP, and it rarely moves about to dodge.


  • Name comes from a Japanese website and the translation is pending.
  • Even though the unit’s equipped blade outwardly appears as the ZLS-400/SL, the blade never actually shoots blade waves. Instead, it produces a blade beam that’s a light purplish color, almost like the AC Klein Fake, which displays an eerily similar feature.
  • The unit’s equipped shotgun fires at a much faster rate than normal, comparable to that of a handgun’s fire rate. Moreover, even though it’s back-mounted missile launcher usually fires in a 2-missile volley before splitting into warheads, the unit appears to fire only 1 missile volley before it splits. These unusual features are just examples among numerous others that appear in this game’s mission ACs.