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No.1 is a member of the elite squad that goes by the name Zodiac. He is quite adept at close-range combat, as is evident from his AC's loadout.


No.1 is perfectly described as a "Killing Machine" with the personality of a wild beast. He roars or snarls at anything or anyone who gets in his way. His unrestrained behavior makes him an insane and reckless soldier; in Order Mission 72 after Oswald's defeat, No.1 charges Regan's F21C Stork at great speed and rams the cockpit, knocking the helicopter out of the sky. 

He soon engages The Raven in single combat, but is ultimately defeated by the mercenary.

AC Capricornus[]

No.1's AC, Capricornus, is a lightweight medium bipedal geared for extreme close-range combat. Its main weapons are a pair of extremely powerful HEAT Pile Drivers, which it uses with stunning accuracy. Its backup weapons, a handgun and laser blade, are not nearly as dangerous, but still pose a threat if the player does not take adequate precautions. 


No.1 and the previous members of Zodiac encountered before have been shrouded in mystery. At Regans last stand against Rosary, Fran, and The Raven in hopes that Oswald would finally defeat him in a duel. Despite Oswald's determination and loyalty to Regan, he fails to defeat The Raven and is instead killed. Shattered and angered, Regan attempts to use her helicopter to ram the Raven; however No.1 intervenes with a reckless surprise attack and lunges his Pilebunker into the cockpit of the Stork, killing Regan. After the destruction of No.1, it became clear to Rosary and Fran that they were being hunted by Zodiac.


Capricornus will appear after you have defeated Oswald. During a cutscene wherein Regan attempts to ram her Stork, the AC appears and destroys it with a direct hit to the cockpit from one of its pile drivers. Once No. 1 lands, he roars a challenge, and charges at the player.

First things first: Keep the hell away! Capricornus is geared completely for super close-range combat, its loadout consisting mostly of melee weapons. It is extremely weak to CE and TE weapons, so for new players it is highly recommended to keep your distance and wail away with battle rifles, pulse guns, PMG's, HEAT Howitzers -- literally anything that will deal significant damage.

For more advanced players, try keeping moderate distance away from its pile attacks and then, while he is recovering, slash at him with a blade or with your own pile driver.

Another way you can defeat Capricornus is by using the terrain to your advantage. Boost-drive off of the walls, buildings and any crevice you can get your feet onto. Capricornus prefers to stay on the ground while engaging you in combat, so keep above him and shoot away! Keep note that this AC is equipped with a three-round burst handgun with surprisingly weak damage, but a lot of stun. If you happen to get stunned, make sure he is far enough away so you can retreat to a safe distance.

For most players, it is highly recommended to make an AC from high-stability parts. If you feel a little lucky, try a close-range build just like his and engaged in a deadly jousting match.



  • No.1 is similar to Champion Champs in that both roar or growl at the Player.
  • When No.1 destroys Regan's chopper, Fran shouts: "It's the AC from before!", Curiously, This was actually the first time they encountered No.1. This can either be a mistranslation or Fran mistaking No.1 for No.8 and No.2.
  • Apparently, No.1 only used one shot of the right H.E.A.T pile bunker and purges it despite the approximate of it really having two shots. The reason for this is probably because he used the first one on Regan's Stork.