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Zodiac No. 10 is a member of the Zodiac project and is fought alongside No.3.


He is encountered in Order Mission 81, partnered with Zodiac No. 3 and pilots the AC Libra. Like his partner, the pair are one of Zodiacs deadliest and rebellious members. Much like Chief they are stubborn to deal with, but will stake at any cost to wipe out the enemy. His partner seems to enjoy teasing or provoking Angie about her and the Zodiac project, in which he can agree with. He was also quite surprised how desperate Angie is about killing The Raven.


  • "This--all of this. It's some kind of sick joke, isn't it, Angie? We gave up everything, turned ourselves into these puppets, and for what? I don't even remember what we wanted anymore! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

AC Libra[]


  • AP: 44,829
  • KE: 1508
  • CE: 1948
  • TE: 3347



No. 3 does not drop his cannons making him one of the most simplest fights in battle, Libra on the other hand, makes sure of that you don't come close within range of Pisces which leaves the following strategies to beat them:

1. There's a sniper cannon that's able to reach Pisces at his current position. At the start of the order mission, there's a building on your right side, jumping to the top should be able to reach the height to have clear shots on Pisces, the shots will kill him without him freaking out and swiftly moving in circles (due to his mounted position)

  • Note: Recommended to use a quad-leg for perfect accurate bullet shots.

2. Another note is that both Zodiacs do not move from their position regardless of starting the fight, even if you move far from their position they will just return to their positions. you can take this advantage by only fighting Libra using long ranged weaponry and stay behind buildings between you and Pisces.