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Zodiac No. 2
General information
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Zodiac
Occupation AC Pilot
Craft Aquarius
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core V

Zodiac No. 2 is one of the elite Zodiac pilots. He uses the AC Aquarius, and is the sub-leader of the Zodiacs.[1]


Zodiac No. 2 is encountered twice by the Raven. The first time is during an ambush in the Mining Sector when he engages the player while Angie supports him. The second time is during the final battle against Zodiac, where he accompanies Zodiac No. 8 in an attempt to kill the Raven.

Zodiac No. 2 seems to be an accomplished pilot, as evidenced by his familiarity with the Raven's style of piloting during their first encounter, whether the Raven attacks No. 2 directly or goes for Angie.


  • "He's well trained...if a bit reckless."
  • "Yes... I know this feeling."

AC Aquarius[]

No. 2 pilots a High-Mobility Heavyweight Reverse-jointed AC equipped for medium range combat.


  • AP: 35,321
  • KE: 1644
  • CE: 2833
  • TE: 361



  • It's interesting to note that both No.8 and No.2 follow the same fighting pattern as the Controller Agents.
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