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A member of a mysterious group called Zodiac. Encountered in the story mission as a secret AC fight after Completeing the following objectives (see Here for more details.) replacing the mercenary sent to guard Father's tower from the Resistance.


Little is known about No.6. In the midst of Leon's operation seizing the tower, The Raven encounters No.6 standing on top of a building expressing his belief of wars and its importance to humanity, whether he enjoys it, or merely accepting his fate as a Zodiac pilot.

AC Gemini[]

No. 6 possesses 2 different heavy-weight bipedal ACs, but he only pilots 1 of them, One is built for long-range combat, the other is built for close-combat. His long-range AC equips a sniper rifle and a laser rifle as its main weapons, accommodates a Gatling gun and plasma gun on his hangar units, and surprisingly, a CIWS. As for his close-combat AC, it is armed with a battle rifle, a H.E.A.T howitzer, accommodates a Gatling gun and a handgun on his hangar units and now instead of a CIWS, it is replaced with medium missiles. 


The difficulty on this fight will depend on which AC you are fighting.

If you are fighting No. 6's 1st AC, then you have to be careful. This AC is equipped with mainly 2nd gen parts, namely his sniper rifle and laser rifle. When the battle starts, make sure you dodge! His sniper rifle is very powerful (about 2688 KE) and on top of that he's armed with yet another powerful laser rifle (3108 TE) and he can make short work of even a highly proficient pilot.

A good way to fight him his to use hard-hitting close range weapons like battle rifles, shotguns or even H.E.A.T howitzers. He prefers to go on mid-to-long range duel rather than CQC, so take advantage of this. However, you must be aware that this AC has a CIWS, so missiles are not recommended.

For newer players, it would be best to use battle rifles like the Strekoza or the Lotus. The AC's CE resistance is not as strong as his KE or TE, so it would be better to use CE weapons against him. Of course, this doesn't mean you're completely safe. you also need to know that he can also switch to his Gatling gun+plasma gun combination, thereby making a switch in preference of combat.

As for more advanced players, they can mix it in with their own preferred combat style.

Believe it or not, his Gatling gun+plasma gun combination appears to be slightly more dangerous than his sniping combination. The speed at which he fires them is insane, thus being able to make short work of you quickly, so you must maintain your distance while fighting him.

Above all, don't get too many hits by his shots, or you won't be able to obtain an S rank (if that's what you're aiming to get for the mission).

On the other hand, if you're fighting No. 6's 2nd AC, it would be a completely different story from before.

Now instead of his usual long-range AC, he will use a enitrely different AC, fitted out with different AC parts and weapons. No. 6 is now equipped with a Strekoza battle rifle and a H.E.A.T howitzer as the AC's main weapons and accommodates the same Gatling gun(1st AC) and a handgun on the hangar units. Instead of a CIWS, his shoulders are now equipped CE medium missiles, thus boosting the AC 's offensive power.

Since it is like a 180 degree turn, you will have to also change your AC to suit your needs. No. 6's 2nd AC will now continually attempt to close in on you, instead of maintaining a distance from you like his 1st AC, at the same time brutally blasting away at you with his weapons. However, there is actually a very simple way to avoid this.

In case you haven't noticed, No. 6's 2nd AC has mainly CE weapons, so by tuning your AC into having strong CE resistance, his weapons are pretty much worthless. In fact, this AC is weaker than his 1st AC, as evidenced by scanning his AC data. With no more 1100 KE & CE resistance, it leaves you much more open to using other weapons. Believe it or not, it is actually possible to destroy him using only 2 Gatling guns. The USG/23-H Gatling guns are a good choice (if you can tune it to over 1000 damage).

Apart from that, other weapons like shotguns or even rifles (standard KE rifles) work well. A few good choices would be the KO-3K2 shotgun, or even the Noctunidae type, or rifles such as the Jesup or the Lampourde.

However, there are times where this AC (2nd AC) will try to boost-charge you, so keep the hell away! Rain down all the fire on him, from a distance.

Above all, it's the same tip: don't absorb too much of his blows, otherwise you'll get smelted.

Parts(First Battle)[]

Parts(Second Battle)[]