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Zodiac No.8
Zodiac No. 8
General information
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Zodiac
Occupation AC Pilot
Craft Leo
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core V

Zodiac No. 8 is, as his name suggests, the eighth member of the elite Zodiac unit encountered in Armored Core V. He pilots the AC Leo, and is the leader of the Zodiacs.


Like the other Zodiac pilots, No. 8 signed onto the program in order to become a more powerful combatant, and, like the others, was integrated into his Armored Core to an unknown extent.

While No. 8 shares the other Zodiacs' enjoyment of combat, he also seems to have grown doubtful of their role in the world now that their original faction and its allies had long since ceased to exist. Despite the misgivings of the Zodiac's operator, Angie, No. 8 contacted The Raven to inquire about their alignment in the conflict during their second encounter. Upon being told that there had been no conflict until the Zodiacs initiated it, No. 8 requested that the Raven destroy each of the Zodiacs, as they no longer had a purpose in the world and were, evidently, unable to self-terminate.

As one of the last two remaining Zodiacs, No. 8 is fought for the final time at the Abandoned Sector along with Zodiac No. 2, and is destroyed by the Raven after resigning to his fate.


  • "We exist only to win."

AC Leo[]

Named after the eighth zodiac sign, Leo is a High-Mobility Midweight AC geared for close combat.


  • AP: 37,422
  • KE: 2056
  • CE: 1599
  • TE: 609



  • Out of all the members of Zodiac, you encounter No.8 the most (three times), followed by No.2 (twice).
  • It's interesting to note that both No.8 and No.2 follow the same fighting pattern as the Controller Agents.