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No. 9 is a member of Zodiac who is encountered in Order Mission 79. He springs the trap that Angie had set for The Raven using No. 4.


As stated above, No.4 was used as bait for the Raven to be lured into the combat zone and deal as much damage to him before No.9 is dropped off to finish him off. Unlike most if not all the Zodiac pilots, No. 9 seems to show more concern for his comrades, including No.4 when the latter is killed by the Raven.

AC Virgo[]

His AC is a lightweight biped built for high-mobility combat, much like No.1's middleweight biped, Capricornus. Virgo is equipped with a Pulse machine gun and hand gun in its main slots, as well as a thermal Blade and an extra handgun in the Hanger slots.


  • AP: 25,479
  • KE: 1580
  • CE: 242
  • TE: 483



His AC is built for close range combat; his AC weapon load-out doesn't pose much of a threat but can still evade your attacks quite easily. Maintain your distance from him depending on your weapon set up and the upper-hand goes to you. Keep in mind that while he doesn't pose much of a threat he still has his thermal blade and handgun combination, which means that he will attempt to stun you in anyway possible just to cut you down. In addition to that his missiles also have the same staggering effect.